For the past couple of years there have been a few of us bootstrapping a new approach to devops – one that thinks of the “devops problems” the same way that the owner of “apps that matter” often thinks. Not so much as devops problems, but as obstacles standing in the way of building, financing, or growing a business that counts on cloud-deployed applications to serve your customers.

Whether you’re an overworked dev team having to choose between new features for the customers or sound operations, a financial exec who wonders why the admirable reductions in infrastructure and other application costs have not helped with chronic, expensive, and often unpredictable operations costs, or a CEO who wonders why with so much new in applications, your teams remain mired, even fixated on everything but what your company is actually good at … no matter which of these sound familiar, we think you’ll be intrigued.

We have developed some fresh tooling, fresh operational approaches, rethought many other aspects of “the devops problems”, then rolled it together into a coherent, efficient, and best of all cloud-native approach to making sure that the (cloud-based) apps on which you depend will actually behave as you intend, so you can serve your customers as they expect, an in doing so grow your business as you hope.

Together we’re confident that this fresh, new way of approaching an old problem will open some eyes, challenge some stale assumptions, but most of all be really helpful in solving the problems you really care about – growing your company.