The Idea of an “app stack”

At devops.center we often talk about standardizing – standardized tooling, standardized ways to do anything to an app, standardized db backups, standardized forms of communication, and more. After all, much of the complexity in modern devops has to do with similar tasks being done in different ways, with different tooling, […]

Your App Matters … the Better Way

In the last post we described the two most common approaches to devops – the fully integrated team (with dev and devops handled by the same team) and the traditional, separate devops / ops team. The first is lighter, newer and often more responsive, but can struggle with devops left […]

Your App Matters … Now What?

When an app becomes integral to the well being of the biz, when how you serve your customer is, in fact, dependent on one or more apps behaving, then you have a need for devops, welcome or not. In other words, you need to take some actions to ensure that […]